A day in a dog’s life at Doggy Day Care

Ecki’s day at L&V Doggy Day Care in Sydney Inner West

Hi, My name is Ecki (I’m the cute white pup in the photo below, and this is my house and I own Lewis and Vanessa)  and here I am with my friends at L&V Doggy Day Care. Today I woke up early as we had an overnight boarding guest, Sam the Jack Russell. His Mum and Dad were away last night so he slept over with me. Sam is staying for the Doggy Day Care program and going home later this afternoon.

Best Doggy Day Care Stanmore

Mornings at Doggy Day Care

I’m ravenous. Lewis soon has our breakfast ready. Sam can be greedy, so he eats in a different room to me. I let Vanessa take us out for a morning walk to the park before the rest of the gang arrives. We have a chance to run around, play chase and sniff out the trees and gardens.

Today we have some regulars turn up and they know the routine well. They are straight out the back garden for a friendly sniff and to say hi to their pals. Everyone gets a welcome pat from Vanessa. She also takes a photo of Sam to send to his Mum and Dad so they know he is happy and well looked after.

Trip to the beach

Once everyone has arrived, we jump in the car. We take a vote and let Lewis know we want to go to the beach today. He argues a bit but we bark him down and he relents. Whoa, this is the best doggy day we are going to have. It’s my favourite outing. I love chasing the others and then catching a few waves. We play chase ball with Lewis…Sam is really quick and gets the ball first most of the time. Most of the gang are well trained and don’t run off, except for Buddy…. Vanessa takes him for a walk with his lead on. He grumbles but knows the rules and we have to be pretty careful about free spirits like him. I don’t want to be spending all day looking for him in the dunes!

L&V Pet Care Facebook & Instagram

Vanessa takes a photo to post on our Facebook and Instagram page… there’s lots of photos of me because I am very photogenic 🙂

Beach Outing for Best Doggy Day Care

Afternoons at Doggy Day Care

After a drink to cool down and a brush to get the sand off, we are back home.

I’m pooped! I crash out on the dog lounge. We put ‘Cats and Dogs’ on the TV and before long we are chuckling away. Vanessa takes Sam and some others out for a walk. Soon it’s pickup time and one by one everyone’s Mum or Dad comes to take them home… exhausted, well exercised and happy. Sam’s Dad has arrived. He begs his Dad to let him come back tomorrow. ‘I had such a great time today Dad, please let me come back”.

‘Sure thing’, his Dad says.

The biggest grin spreads on Sams face. ‘Tomoz’, he says, and his waggy tail disappears as he jumps into the passenger seat of his Dads car.

That’s a day in Doggy Day Care life!

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