Why Doggy Day Care is good for dogs

Reasons why Doggy Day Care is right for your dog


Dogs are very social animals and love social interactions, especially with other dogs. Socialising with other dogs allows them to learn and practice good doggy manners and behaviour.  It is especially important for puppies to learn these socialisation skills when they are young.


Many dogs don’t get enough exercise which allow to them to use different muscles and skills, like running, turning, jumping, sliding etc. Most dog day care centres offer plenty of exercise and more importantly varied exercise. This may include ball chasing, playing with other dogs, tug o war and some may have large grounds for exploring and enjoying new scents. Regular exercise helps dogs maintain a healthy weight.Dogs waiting to play


Dogs need stimulation, both mental and physical. A dog left home alone all day risks getting bored and anxious. This can result in behaviour such as destroying furniture, wetting or barking. Stimulating toys, games, exercise and socialisation can alleviate poor behaviour.

All of the above will lower stress, lower aggression, keep your dog fit and happy. A happy dog means a happy owner.

Peace of mind for owners

Initially owners may be nervous leaving their dog with new carers and new dogs. Most day care and boarding centres will offer a free meet and greet, which allows your dog to sniff out the environment and meet the carers. Proficient staff will help nervous dogs integrate into the centre and introduce them to other dogs. As an owner you will see your dog settle in and be happy they are safe and enjoying their day.

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